2015/2016 Winter League

December: 5th & 19th
January: 2rd, 16th, & 30st
February: 13th & 27th
March: 12th & 26th

TIME: Check in starts at 5pm! League play begins at 6:15-10:30pm!

COST: $25 per person (ONE TIME FEE for Membership) plus $5 per person each night!
OR: $15 per person each time played (no league fee)

PAINT: $42 Standard Case $47 Mid-Grade Case $52 High Grade Case

PRACTICE: $1 admission on any Tuesday (League Paint Pricing to members)

We will offer both 3 and 5 Man (school yard pick or bring your own)! You don’t need a team to sign up!
PLAY or REF 7/9 events and receive a prize at the end! Register at the field or call 574-315-7275 OR 574-674-4263!
Online registration will be available shortly.

Winter League is also Groundfire Tryouts

We are looking for anyone that is interested in playing local events and possibly 1 national event.  We currently are playing 3man series at Colors in Fremont, MI and a couple 5 man events around the Midwest.  We have a mixture of experienced players who have played nationally, as well as some players that have only played local events.  We are looking to grow with experience and some raw talent. We would like to be able to roster enough for two 5 man teams. We currently have enough to roster one 5 man team so we are looking for at least 5 more solid players.  Once again there is no national experience necessary.

Requirements for making the team

  • Must have a means of transportation to get to Action Park
  • Must have gear or money to buy gear
  • Must have money for practice and tournaments  ($100-$200 a month is a good estimate)
  • Must practice at least once a month.
  • Must not play on another team
  • Must be able to ref tournaments at Action Park
  • Must be drug free. We have some younger players who do not need to be around the influence of drugs.
  • There is support from the field as long as we follow these guidelines.

If you are interested please make us aware during winter league!